The Best Shows & Movies Coming To Netflix Canada In May

Photo: Courtesy of Atsushi Nishijima/Netflix
When They See Us is a scripted four-part series from Ava DuVernay.
This month has started strong for the culture. We gotten some solid Game of Thrones episodes to fight over. The Avengers: Endgame discourse is still dominating Twitter. Now, it’s the first Monday in May. That means we’re hours away from celebrities descending on the steps of the Met in their best Camp-inspired LEWKS. When the dust settles from the excitement of the Met Gala, you’re going to need some other entertainment to keep you busy. I’ve got you covered. Here are the top 10 titles to watch on Netflix Canada this May.
If you haven’t seen Ava DuVernay’s The 13th, you’re missing out on one of the most important documentaries in American history. That’s not an exaggeration. The Oscar-nominated doc expertly explores the racial biases of the U.S. criminal justice system that has disproportionately incarcerated Black and brown people. Her latest series for Netflix also takes a look at the systemic racism of the judicial system, through the story of the famous and harrowing case of the Central Park Five. DuVernay’s When They See Us is a scripted four-part series about the real-life case of five teenagers (Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam, Raymond Santana, and Korey Wise) who were wrongfully accused and convicted of rape. May 31
Let me hit you with three names real quick that should get you excited individually, but especially when they are together: Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, and Tina Fey. These comedic powerhouses are BFFs in real life since they all were castmates on SNL, and now they’re making comedies for Netflix about women in their 40s and 50s. It’s still rare to see an all-female cast of women in a comedy period, let alone women over 30. The synopsis goes like this: “When longtime friends meet up for a wine-soaked birthday getaway in Napa Valley, their perfectly planned weekend turns messier by the minute.” Amy Poehler directed the film that also stars Ana Gaeteyer and Rachel Dratch. May 10
“The Raunchiest Women on TV Are Technically Birds" — that’s the headline of The Atlantic’s review of the new Netflix series Tuca & Bertie. Animated series for adults aren’t new to Netflix. It has had success with Bojack Horseman and Archer, but this one is all about women (cartoon-bird women voiced by Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong). We compared it to Broad City and called it “a surrealist anthropomorphic comedy that gets at the good, the bad, and the sometimes disgusting parts of female friendship at 30.” There’s also some big name cameos from some of your Hollywood faves, like the very handsome and talented Steven Yeun and the hilarious Nicole Byer. Streaming now
If you’re looking for some Steven Yeun in the flesh, look no further than Burning. It’s not a rom-com where Yeun just gets to be charming and adorable the whole time but until someone puts Yeun in the role I’ve been wishing for since I first saw him in The Walking Dead, we’ll have to settle for him playing a menacing, mysterious and charismatic villain in Burning. The Korean film debuted at Cannes in 2018 and was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Oscar that same year. Burning is about a man named Jongsu (Yoo Ah-in) and his childhood crush, Haemi (Jun Jong-seo). A love triangle ensues between Jongsu, Haemi and Ben (Yeun), a guy who seems a little too smooth to be serious. The slow-burning film takes a third act turn into riveting thriller that is worth the wait. Did I mention that Steven Yeun is in it? Streaming now
It’s a post-apocalyptic drama about hot teenagers stranded in their small town without adult supervision. Um, inject this directly into my veins please. It’s Lord of the Flies meets The Hunger Games meets Elite. So yeah, it sounds like it’s extremely my shit. The series stars Blockers besties Kathryn Newton and Gideon Adlon, with rising stars Sean Berdy, Alex Fitzalan and Rachel Keller. May 10
I don’t know why we aren’t talking about Good Girls more. It was one of my fave binge-watches of last year and in my opinion it’s — pun intended — criminally underrated. The show follows three women, sisters Beth and Annie (Christina Hendricks and Mae Whitman) and Ruby (Retta) as they resort to a life of crime in order to support their families. It’s twisted, funny, and suspenseful, and all three actresses deliver spot-on performances. Season 2 drops on May 31 but don’t worry NBC has already renewed the series for season 3.
Comedy specials are a dime a dozen on Netflix, but a comedy legend like Wanda Sykes deserves the respect and the dollars that come with a Netflix comedy special. After being “low-balled,” Sykes told Variety that she stepped up, demanded her worth, and the streaming service “moved that comma.” In other words, they paid up. In the special, Sykes “tackles politics, reality TV, racism, and the secret she'd take to the grave” in her signature candid and brutally honest fashion. May 21
Beyoncé is great at a lot of things. Scratch that — she’s EXCEPTIONAL at almost everything. Acting is not one of the things Beyoncé is exceptional at. That’s OK! Who needs to be Meryl Streep when you’re BEYONCÉ? Queen Bey may not be on her way to winning an acting Academy Award but she DID deliver one of the best campy B-movies of all time with Obsessed. This unintentionally hilarious thriller co-stars Idris Elba as Bey’s husband and Ali Larter as the “sexy office temp” who sets out to ruin both their lives. Obsessed is “wild but brilliant" and a humbling reminder that even Beyoncé is mediocre at something. I say that with the utmost respect and adoration. Streaming now
Netflix describes its new reality series Jailbirds like this: “At the Sacramento County Jail, incarcerated women fight the power and one another as they try to make the best of life — and love — on the inside.” It’s a real-life Orange is the New Black, complete with drama, heartbreak, and heartfelt storylines. Unlike OITNB, there’s little comic relief when it’s reality. The inmates/stars of the series are locked up on charges ranging from assault with a deadly weapon and murder to robbery and home invasion. They communicate with each other by passing notes and contraband through the toilets. Jailbird makes Orange is the New Black sound like a light and fun episode of Friends. May 10
Spike Lee produced this film about two Brooklyn teens, C.J. Walker and Sebastian Thomas, who build makeshift time machines to go back in time and reverse a tragic event: C.J.’s brother, Calvin, is shot and killed by a police officer. C.J. and Sebastian set out on a mission to save Calvin. The timely and inventive movie is writer-director Stefon Bristol’s debut feature film and it’s already getting rave reviews. May 17
See below for a full list of the titles coming and leaving Netflix Canada in May.
Avail. 5/1/19
The 100: Season 6 (weekly episodes)
Jane The Virgin: Season 5 (weekly episodes)
Knock Down The House (Netflix Original)
Munafik 2 (Netflix Original)
Lost in Translation
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Part 1 & 2
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul
Fifty Shades of Grey
Get Out
Identity Thief
Psycho (1960)
Psycho (1998)
Psycho II (1983)
Avail. 5/2/19
Colony: Season 3
The Flash: Season 5
Avail. 5/3/19
A Pesar De Todo (Netflix Original)
All In My Family (Netflix Original)
Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile (Netflix Original)
Alles ist gut (Netflix Original)
Flinch (Netflix Original)
Jo Pil-ho: The Dawning Rage (Netflix Original)
The Last Summer (Netflix Original)
Undercover (Netflix Original)
Avail. 5/4/19
Like Arrows
Avail. 5/6/19
Abyss (Netflix Original)
Avail. 5/8/19
Lucifer: Season 4 (Netflix Original)
Avail. 5/10/19
Dry Martina (Netflix Original)
Easy: Season 3 (Netflix Original)
Gente que viene y bah (Netflix Original)
Harvey Girls Forever!: Season 2 (Netflix Original)
iZombie: Season 5 (weekly episodes)
ReMastered: The Lion's Share (Netflix Original)
Shéhérazade (Netflix Original)
Avail. 5/12/19
Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj: Volume 3 (Netflix Original)
Avail. 5/13/19
Malibu Rescue (Netflix Original)
Avail. 5/14/19
revisions (Netflix Original)
Still LAUGH-IN: The Stars Celebrate (Netflix Original)
Weed The People
Avail. 5/15/19
Call the Midwife: Series 8
Dennis and Gnasher: Unleashed!
Spring Breakers
Avail. 5/16/19
Good Sam (Netflix Original)
Into the Forest
Avail. 5/17/19
1994: Limited Series (Netflix Original)
It's Bruno (Netflix Original)
The House
Maria (Netflix Original)
Morir para contar (Netflix Original)
Nailed It!: Season 3 (Netflix Original)
The Rain: Season 2 (Netflix Original)
Well Intended Love (Netflix Original)
White Gold: Season 2 (Netflix Original)
Avail. 5/20/19
Ben Is Back
Mission: Impossible 6
Prince of Peoria: Part 2 (Netflix Original)
Rough Night
Avail. 5/21/19
Wanda Sykes: Not Normal (Netflix Original)
Avail. 5/22/19
A Tale of Two Kitchens (Netflix Original)
One Night in Spring (Netflix Original)
The Boss Baby
Avail. 5/23/19
Slasher: Solstice (Netflix Original)
Avail. 5/24/19
After Maria (Netflix Original)
Alta Mar (Netflix Original)
Joy (Netflix Original)
Rim of the World (Netflix Original)
She's Gotta Have It: Season 2 (Netflix Original)
The Perfection (Netflix Original)
WHAT / IF (Netflix Original)
Avail. 5/27/19
Historical Roasts (Netflix Original)
Avail. 5/28/19
Disney’s The Nutcracker and the Four Realms
Avail. 5/29/19
Animal Kingdom: Season 3
Avail. 5/30/19
Chopsticks (Netflix Original)
Avail. 5/31/19
Always Be My Maybe (Netflix Original)
Bad Blood: Season 2
Black Spot: Season 2 (Netflix Original)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 6
How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) (Netflix Original)
Jugar con fuego (Netflix Original)
Killer Ratings (Netflix Original)
Vis a vis (Netflix Original)
Leaving 5/1/19
Office Christmas Party
Bram Stoker's Dracula
Leaving 5/7/19
Love Actually
Scent of a Woman
Leaving 5/11/19
Switched at Birth: Seasons 1-5
Leaving 5/11/19
Drugs, Inc.: Season 3-4

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