Kylie Jenner Is Keeping The ‘90s Alive With This Grunge Piercing Trend We Love

Photo: David Crotty/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images.
The dream of the ‘90s is alive with Kylie Jenner, who is embracing a jewelry look straight out of the grunge era. The cosmetics mogul shared some photos of herself hopping on the multiple ear piercing bandwagon, a nod to the latest L.A. beauty trend that our editors are sporting. It’s totally the cutest way to show off all of your statement baroque earrings at once.
For Jenner, it appears that she rocked her piercings when she was younger, but let them close up over the years. She shared pictures of her piercings on her Instagram stories, writing, “Last night reopening my piercings,” and it looks like she’s in a tattoo and piercing parlour. There’s some fresh redness on her ears, but otherwise they look healthy and free of scarring. One ear is decked out with three matching silver hoops in the helix; the other features two tiny studs on the forward helix.
Photo: Courtesy of @kyliejenner.
Photo: Courtesy of @kyliejenner.
Helix piercings are considered one of the more painful ear piercing areas, because it goes through the cartilage that surrounds the ear. Still, most ear piercings are tolerable compared to other areas of the body, like nipple piercings (ouch!). Of course, everyone’s pain tolerance level is different, and Jenner is likely not feeling the throb since she’s just re-opening her holes. As long as she keeps them clean and reduces irritation, she’s likely to stay infection-free. Our teen selves knows from experience that an angry piercing is a very painful one.

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