Your Horoscope This Week

Who is ready for a fresh start? The week begins with a new moon in Aquarius on Monday. So soak up the Aquarian vibes until Tuesday evening — tap into your higher self by finding new inspiration through a new book or artist. Meanwhile, the moon waxes in Pisces from Tuesday night until Thursday afternoon around 5PM EST. This moon phase is an emotional one, so let yourself be comfortable when expressing your feelings. The moon enters a void of course period from 5:14 PM EST on Thursday until 9:34 AM EST Friday morning, making it an excellent time to get a good night’s sleep. You’ll be recharged and renewed for Friday when she illuminates the sign of Aries. If you've recovered from last Friday’s Pluto - Mars square, you’ll be happy to hear that Mercury and Mars are bringing lighter days. On Thursday, the messenger planet will sextile our action planet, helping us to find the right words to give our goals momentum! Lucky Jupiter will sextile with the Sun as well on the 7th, magnifying our upbeat attitude.

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