What To Watch On Netflix Canada This Weekend

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We’ve got a good month of Netflix binging ahead. ICYMI: here’s your guide to Netflix’s February offerings. I’m not going to re-hash those picks. Instead, I’ve assembled five options for your viewing pleasure that reflect the week in pop culture (like the SAG Awards) as well the weird inner workings of my brain (like my thirst for Michiel Huisman and affinity for cast members of High School Musical). You are welcome. Here are our picks for what to watch on Netflix this weekend.
The number one thing I hear from friends who are mothers is that no one talks enough about how freaking hard it is to be a working mom. This week, a new study confirmed that mothers who work full-time are 18 to 40 per cent more stressed than childless working women. After the Bad Moms franchise, and the rise of #realtalk mommy blogs, it did look like pop culture was catching up to millennial moms' hope for a more transparent dialogue surrounding parenting. A recent addition to Netflix, Workin' Moms is the show for any parent scrolling through Instagram wondering how that Victoria's Secret model is also a model mom when you can't seem to get your sh-t together. The real secret: No one has their sh-t together, especially not the women of Workin' Moms. Solidarity!
It's almost the one-year anniversary of the release of Black Panther. To celebrate that milestone, Black Panther won the highest honour at the Screen Actor's Guild Awards on Sunday. The cast was crowned Best Cast in a Motion Picture, an award that is usually indicative of which film will go on to win Best Picture at the Oscars. Yes, Black Panther, a super hero movie, might win Best Picture at the Academy Awards — as it should. When Black Panther was in theatres, I saw it 10 times. Don't ask me how many times I've seen it since it hit Netflix. In honour of its SAG win, and the beautifully moving acceptance speech Chadwick Boseman gave on behalf of the cast, I'm going to watch Black Panther AGAIN this weekend.
I know, I know, The Princess Switch is a Christmas rom-com. Watching a holiday romantic movie at this point feels like the Netflix equivalent of anyone who still has their tree up. I'm judging those people, hard. But watching The Princess Switch this weekend will solely be an appreciation of Vanessa Hudgens, not a declaration that you're holding on to the holiday season. With a few musicals already under her belt, Hudgens was the veteran of #RentLive, Fox's production of the classic, which ended up not being live after Brennin Hunt (playing Roger) broke his foot in rehearsals. During a mostly lacklustre taped performance that was aired instead of a live show, Hudgens was the shining star, bringing an energy and confidence to Maureen that made Idina Menzel herself proud. Watch this cute rom-com just to give Hudgens the respect she's deserved since she was Gabriella Montez singing in the rain with Troy Bolton.
This show sounds BONKERS, which is why it's your perfect weekend watch. Cuddle up with the Australian reality dating series about four ex-couples who have three weeks to figure out if they're going to get back together to break up for good. I'm going to go ahead and assume that every one of the couples who go on this show should break up. Getting back with an ex is never a good idea. Even though I know that's true, I can't wait to watch unwitting strangers figure it out the hard way. Oh, reality TV. Never change.
I chose this movie for no other reason than I watched it on a whim the other day and proceeded to spend the rest of my night Googling photos of Michiel Huisman. I did the same after I first saw him in Game of Thrones, and again after that bad Blake Lively movie, The Age of Adaline. Every time, I forget how HOT this man is. The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society is a romantic period piece about a writer (Lily James) from London who strikes up an unlikely friendship with a small town book club on Guernsey Island after World War II. Huisman plays a handsome farmer stuck in a love triangle with Glen Powell, who proves once again that he plays "jilted douchebag" extremely well. If you're a Jane Austen fan, this is your new favourite movie. Just set aside enough time after your screening for ample Googling.

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