What To Watch On Netflix Canada This Weekend

Photo: courtesy of Netflix.
Weekends are too short. It’s one of life’s greatest injustices. There are brunches to go to, family and friends to see, sleep to catch up on and so so much Netflix to watch. Now that annoying things like work and weekday commitments are out of the way, there’s more time to devote to prioritizing television over human interaction. Hey, after another week of the never-ending depressing news cycle, we deserve it. Here are our picks for what titles to escape to on Netflix this weekend.
Season 1 of Friends from College wasn’t my favourite but I mainlined it anyway, holding out hope every episode that it might reach its potential. Billy Eichner, Keegan-Michael Key, and Cobie Smulders are standouts in a cast of mostly insufferable characters who leave you wondering, “How do these people have friends?” The fact that so few comedies about a gang of thirty-somethings still exist is the only reason I’m giving Season 2 a chance. Co-writers and married couple Nick Stoller and Francesca Delbanco also promised that they’re done with the show’s controversial affair plot.
Of all of the recently released titles in the Star Wars franchise, Solo: A Star Wars Story was probably the worst-received. There was all the drama with the last-minute director swap and the rumours that Alden Ehrenreich needed acting lessons *during filming* to pull off playing Han Solo. Not great signs that the movie is watchable. Well, against all odds, and thanks mostly to Woody Harrelson and Donald Glover, Solo: A Star Wars Story is watchable. It’s even pretty enjoyable if you go in with low expectations! Seriously, this movie is worth your precious weekend time for Donald Glover’s riveting and HOT performance of Lando Calrissian alone. I promise.
If you’ve been on Twitter this week, chances are you’ve seen someone live-tweeting their You viewing experience. My new favourite thing is watching other people meet Beck, Joe, and Peach for the first time. Penn Badgley plays Joe, the charming sociopath stalking Beck (Elizabeth Lail), an average blonde everyone on the show is inexplicably obsessed with, including her best friend Peach, a beautiful rich mean girl played by Shay Mitchell in her element. This show is BATSHIT in the best way. It’s Gossip Girl meets Dexter: a high-stakes melodramatic soap opera with a sympathetic murderer and accidentally hilarious dialogue. It’s a deliciously addictive watch that will give you and your friends LOTS to debrief.
Tidying Up With Marie Kondo
Another social media fave this week, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo seems to be the show everyone is talking about. Whether they’re criticizing organizing expert Kondo for suggesting everyone do away with their unread books (how dare she), or squealing over her cute baby, or suggesting their own ways to stay neat, this show is sparking fascination, if not joy, in its viewers. I haven’t watched it yet because I am a very messy person and the idea of Marie Kondo coming to my space to tell me how to live is terrifying. I have anxiety just thinking about it, but I do need to clean this weekend, so maybe watching Kondo will motivate me.
Movies with Bradley Cooper with a Beard
After Bradley Cooper showed up to the Golden Globes with a clean-shaven face to the dismay of Jackson Maine fans, I too found myself longing for a bearded Bradley Cooper. At least give us some solid scruff, Cooper! If you don’t want to go to the theatre to see A Star Is Born again to get your burly Bradley fix, Netflix has you covered. There’s Cooper with slight scruff in Burnt, and a well-groomed baby beard in Silver Linings Playbook. Neither of these characters sport as luscious face locks as Jackson or mumble as sexy as he does either but hey, let’s take what we can get.

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