The Worst Beauty Moments Of 2018 — & What We Can Learn From Them

Photo: El Universal/ZUMA Wire.
We've seen our fair share of cultural low points this year. We cringed as kids dared each other to eat laundry detergent, Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloé Kardashian while she was in labor with his child, and Kanye West spewed a lot of nonsense. So yes, there were some missteps, and it's not fun to revisit them — but it's important we do, because those baffling, embarrassing, and downright insensitive controversies are destined to repeat themselves if we just brush them aside like yesterday's news.
The beauty industry slipped up a few times in 2018, too, just as it has in years past, and we kept the receipts as lessons on what not to do come the new year. From deceptive Photoshopping schemes and virtual blackfishing, to front-page lawsuits and swatching scams, we've rounded up the worst beauty moments that went down over the past 12 months.
Scroll through for the headlines and takeaways, and fingers crossed we'll never have to cringe at a foundation line with just three deep shades ever again.

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