12 Winter Haircut Trends Coming Out Of L.A.'s Most Popular Salons

Photo: Courtesy of Nova Arts Studio.
With the new year getting closer by the second, you may be feeling that inexplicable itch to call your salon, snag the next available appointment, and get rid of some dead weight. The only thing that's stopping you is: That opening could be tomorrow and you have no idea if you want just a trim, something you can still pull into a low bun, or a dramatic chop unlike anything you've done before.
Before you find yourself suddenly wrapped in a cape, staring back at your reflection without a clue, we've rounded up a visual menu to inspire your dream winter cut (and colour). Better yet, the following report is broken down by the four biggest haircut trends — from cool shaggy bobs to long, blended layers — coming out of L.A.'s most overbooked salons.
Scroll through for the 12 haircuts that will have you racing to see your stylist, or racing to the West Coast, before NYE.

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