The Totally Free Way To Rock Fall's Coolest Nail Art This Weekend

Photo: Arun Nevader/Getty Images.
It's Saturday morning and you're looking down at your chipped nails trying to decide whether you should run to the salon down the street and drop $35 on a fresh gel manicure or head straight into your fun weekend. The decision is up to you, but we're going to strongly suggest you forget your fingers and book it to brunch to meet your friends instead.
It's not because we're salon shaming — we love a good manicure — but we also know that this fall's trendiest nails are pretty easy to do on your own. How do we know? Because we talked to a few nail pros who walked us through the chicest nail art trends of the season, plus exactly how to get the look with the polishes you already have in your bathroom cabinet. Find all your fall nail inspiration, ahead — and enjoy that bloody mary.

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