The Real Reason Meghan Markle Wore Those Flowers In Her Hair

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images.
Not even halfway through her first royal tour, and Meghan Markle has already given us plenty of hair inspiration, from loose curls to low ponytails to a voluminous half-updo we're already sending to our stylists. But while in Fiji on Wednesday, where Markle made her first royal speech, the Duchess tried one of fall's most dramatic hair trends: flowers.
While touring the University of the South Pacific alongside her husband Prince Harry, Markle debuted a French twist embedded with yellow and white frangipani flowers, which are native to Fiji and also known as plumerias, courtesy of hairstylist George Northwood.
As with most things that Markle wears, from eco-friendly sneakers and a "blessed" dress to a blazer designed by BFF Serena Williams, there's special significance to these flowers in particular.
Photo: Karwai Tang/WireImage.
The frangipanis Markle, who announced her pregnancy last week, chose to wear are often used as wedding flowers, and have come to symbolize strength and the lasting bond between a married couple. By wearing them, Markle is effectively saying, "Yes, my husband and I adore one another." And yes, we're swooning.
On a weirder note, the flowers are also known to possess a poisonous sap, but we're thinking Markle didn't take that into account. These particular blooms may look familiar to you as well because they're often used in leis to symbolize a welcoming in Hawaii.
By wearing these flowers, Markle also joins stars like Emma Stone, Evan Rachel Wood, Beyoncé, Rihanna, and a whole runway of Rodarte models, all of whom are wearing flowers in their hair this fall. With Markle's latest iteration, complete with the perfect loose French twist, we anticipate a lot more people (especially brides) to follow suit.

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