Jessica Biel Is Helming The TV Adaptation Of This Creepy Podcast

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.
If you’re looking to expand your menu of The Sinner-esque creepy television, we’ve got a new show for you. Facebook Watch is picking up a 10-episode TV adaptation of Limetown, a fictional podcast about a journalist that will send shivers up your spine. And like The Sinner, Jessica Biel will be starring as the lead character and executive producing the show, so we know it’s going to be good.
Limetown, which you should listen to if you haven’t already, just wrapped up its first season. We’ll describe it as Serial meets The X-Files. The “host” of the show, Lia Haddock of American Public Radio (APR), interviews paranoid survivors of an abandoned gated community called Limetown, with as much journalistic integrity as she can muster. In the podcast, Limetown became ghost town in the early 2000s when its population seemingly disappeared into thin air overnight, in a terrifying event known as the Panic. Haddock sets out to discover why the “citizens” of Limetown went missing — only to encounter a shadowy conspiracy bent on mind control. It gets even scarier, with murder and ESP and hang-up phone calls that will leave up clutching your teddy bear.
Biel will be playing Haddock, as she investigates the mysteries of Limetown. No good journalist wants to become part of the story, but for Haddock, that is inevitable as she’s sucked into the terror. Like the citizens of Limetown, she becomes increasingly fearful for her life, and that affects how she interacts with other characters. Still, she’s dogged in pursuing the truth, even at great personal risk.
The podcast’s second season will premiere On October 31, which is Halloween, naturally. No word on when the TV show will drop, but you can bet we’ll be tuning in with our security blanket and our tinfoil hats.

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