11 Beauty Swaps We’re Making For Winter

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There's a lot to love about winter, even if you're a staunch sun enthusiast. But along with the cosy knitwear, coats and comfort food, the harsh weather can really do a number on us. Chapped lips, dry skin and patchy makeup are just what we've come to accept with the change in season.
But as we swap out our sandals for boots, it makes sense that we apply the same sentiment to our beauty routines. Wind can be rough on our skin and running between indoor heating and cool outdoor air dries us out, causing the skin to feel tight and become dry and irritated.
We're not talking about a complete upheaval but there are some basic swaps we should make to our makeup and skincare routines to protect ourselves from the elements. Ahead, we round up ten simple ways to arm yourself for the season ahead.
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