Why 13 People Decided To Cheat On Their Partners

Savana Ogburn / Refinery29 for Getty Images
Committing to a monogamous relationship means two partners have a mutual understanding that they won't see other people. However, many of us can point to a time, either in our lives or someone else's, when that trust was broken. That could mean we were cheated on, cheated with, or did the cheating ourselves (or witnessed any of the above happen to someone we knew).
If you've ever experienced cheating or seen it in TV and movies, the excuse is often the same: "It just...happened." But what happened? And why? The details are frequently spared in an effort to save someone's feelings, but that means we're rarely given the answers we desperately want to know.
However, a Reddit thread is shedding light on this subject, often shrouded in lies and deception. Redditors are answering the question: If you've ever cheated on your monogamous partner, under what circumstances and why? Ahead, we rounded up some of the most intriguing answers that get right to the heart of the matter — even if it's not exactly what we wanted to hear.
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