Your Horoscope This Week: 24th July to 30th July, 2022

The last week of July and the first full week of Leo season is chock full of cosmic antics. With so much dramatic Leo energy in the mix, how could it be otherwise? Of course, Leo is a star, but hardly the only attraction. The asteroid Juno makes an impression, stationing retrograde at 21 degrees Pisces, near Neptune at 25 degrees Pisces, on 25th July. Juno’s symbolism lies with partnership and, in Pisces, Juno is often considered idealistic — prone to unrealistic expectations. Partnership, we know, is also about the exchange of power — of trust. Here we’re invited to notice codependent patterns like passive-aggressive communication and trying to control the emotions of others through performances like avoidance or fawning. 
The same day Juno stations retrograde, Venus in Cancer squares Jupiter in Aries. This aspect supports boundary work, reminding us that our boundaries are ours to maintain and no one else’s. Like a child we raise or a garden we tend to, it’s an act of devotion, attention, and constant upkeep. Learning your hard limits, loving the part of you that says no, and doing your best to listen to her — to not betray her. The vows we make to ourselves are a big theme this season with Mercury in Leo. The square Mercury makes to Mars in Taurus on the 26th may have us reconsidering some of those vows in exchange for pleasure in the here and now but resolve is the word and if we can keep it up, Mercury’s trine to Chiron in Aries the following day will happily remind us we can change a harmful pattern by making new choices and creating new grooves. 
The new moon in Leo on the 28th loves new grooves, despite the fixed sign of it all. She perfects just before Mercury in Leo makes a square to Uranus in Taurus, which is followed by a square to the True Node hours later. Given the destabilising nature of Uranus in Taurus, the new groove isn’t exactly gonna have everyone out on the dance floor, unless of course, that dance floor is quaking regardless of the music. Jupiter stations retrograde in Aries on the same day as the New Moon, initiating a time of great internal growth. Whatever changes we strive to bring about now will have an incredible impact on how we relate to the world around us, our sense of the future, and our faith in it. We have to move with certainty toward something that feels as good as it does right.
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