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3 Tried & Tested Hacks For Selling Clothes Fast On eBay

An online marketplace can be pretty overwhelming, but getting your own listings noticed can be quite the challenge. While there isn’t a magic spell that guarantees a quick sale, there are a few variables that could help your clothes shine in the eyes of hungry buyers — especially if you’re looking to sell them on eBay.
In a recent report analysing their 2020 data, eBay revealed that Australians buy at least two preloved women’s fashion items every minute. Some of the most popular brands in the mix include Country Road (which users search for every five seconds), Aje, Spell, Witchery and more. Women’s fashion was also the largest buyer category on the platform throughout 2020. 
It’s music to our ears that there’s clearly a demand out there for second-hand pieces filling up people’s wardrobes, but selling your clothes online is more than just about offering up your goods at a competitive price.  
Here are a few sure-fire tips that eBay suggests considering before listing your clothes.

Consider the time you post

One of the surprising variables when listing your products on eBay is time. Their data shows that users are most active between 7-9 pm — so if you’re looking to capitalise on the additional eyes on your listings, posting within this timeframe could help.

Your photos matter

Listing at least three product photos is key to nabbing a buyer's attention, especially if the item is photographed against a solid white backdrop. While selfies and mirror pics may be tempting, your bedroom or plant collection popping up in the background may ward off potential sales. 

Describe every little detail

Lastly, eBay recommends that the description of the product should highlight any quirks or imperfections present on the clothes. Describing your clothes as though there's no photo available is the best way to ensure you're giving potential buyers as much detail as possible.
There is a bit of a process to listing your clothes online, however with the right combination of tricks (and easy shipping methods that include having couriers pick up from your home), you could find yourself both helping slow the fast fashion cycle and making some extra cash.

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