6 Ways To Have Greener Sex

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Of all the ways we try to do our part for the planet, our sex lives aren't always the first that come to mind. Particularly when things get going, you're likely not really thinking about the impact of the toys and tools you're reaching for. But in reality, Womanizer reports that for every $1 million worth of sex toys sold, an estimated 40 tonnes of plastic are produced, which is approximately 108,000 tonnes from the industry each year. That's a lot of waste ending up in landfills — waste that will take centuries to decompose.
But as we commit to shopping more responsibly for our wardrobes, beauty shelves and kitchen pantries, our sex lives may just be the final frontier of our sustainability efforts. While it's only too easy to add everything that tickles your fancy to cart, there are some pioneering brands heeding the call for greener good times, and overhauling their production methods to be kinder to the planet. From brands like Rosewell which will take your old, loved sex toys and recycle them, to Womanizer, which is now offering recyclable versions of some of their most iconic bestsellers, it's clear that the industry is finally evolving.
Scroll on for six easy peasy ways to make your sex life greener.

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