21 People Tell Us What Their Skincare Routine Looks Like On Bad Mental Health Days

Illustrated by Louisa Cannell
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Whether you're a dedicated 12-step routine kind of person or someone who prefers a two-in-one face and body wash, the idea of skincare means different things to different people. It's inherently personal — we are talking about the skin on your face here, after all.
Skincare promises to firm, smooth, brighten, and fix. But for some, its properties go beyond that. Self-care comes from the practice of applying skincare, from its simple ritual and soothingness.
I know for myself, this rings especially true. As the world descended into chaos last year, completing my skincare routine each day was a routine I maintained. Even on days when I found it too hard to walk outside and get some fresh air, I found a lot of comfort in the routineness of skincare.
Because I'm a curious creature, I wanted to know what other people's relationship was like with skincare on their bad days. Kindly enough, 21 Aussies opened up to Refinery29 Australia to let us in on what their skincare routine looks like when they're having a tough one.

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