What’s It Really Like At A Sex Party? 6 People Spill Their Uncensored Stories

Photographed by Karen Sofia Colón.
Whether it's group sex, voyeurism or exploring open relationships that piques your interest, you're reading this article for a reason. Sex parties — like any other sexual endeavour — are HOT — and best when affirmative consent, boundaries and solid communication are in place.
The fantasy of walking into a sex party and being surrounded by ultra-hot people ripping each other's clothes off might be fun to entertain but it's not always the reality of sex parties, according to people who have turned their sexual fantasies into reality.
Here, we hear from six people who shared their sex party experiences on Reddit. Some are super sexy, others less so. From mindblowing orgasms to lavish hotels, here are true stories about people'e pursuit of ethical non-monogamy.
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