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Meet April Helene-Horton, The Body Positivity Activist Fighting For Fat-Visibility [Watch]

The Rebels With A Cause series, created in partnership with Samsung Galaxy, is dedicated to championing the women that are flipping the script on the status quo.
In our first instalment of the series, we meet Body Positive Activist April Helene-Horton. In April's writing, podcasting and advocacy, she aims to break down barriers and send a strong message about body positivity.
Having led campaigns for Curvy Swimwear as the first plus-size bikini model to appear on Australian billboards, April is a woman of colour, a mother, and a wife, who felt an immense need to educate all people on fat positivity and feminism.
"My life's purpose is to be someone who does what they want and shows other people that they can do that too," said April, explaining the ethos behind her work.
"Self-acceptance is rebellion. Feeling confident enough to take a risk is one the best things you can do because it's like a bet that you're hoping pays off."
You can find out more about April's story below:
Alongside the series, we're also looking for a ground-breaking idea to fund. Partnering with Samsung Galaxy, we'll be giving away a $10k grant to kickstart and support the process of bringing one person's big idea to life. The winner will also receive a Samsung Galaxy tech pack that includes a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, Galaxy Watch4 LTE and Galaxy Buds2, to help the winner on their journey of flipping the switch on outdated societal norms.
You can find out more here.

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