The Serum That Finally Helped Fade My Acne Scars

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When it comes to products that claim to “fade,” “brighten,” or reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and acne scars, I can’t help but remain a skeptic. As a beauty writer who’s dealt with acne for over a decade, I’ve seen and slathered it all; from over-the-counter topicals at the drugstore to very expensive peels from fancy brands, advanced dermatologist treatments, and even a famous 3-step system backed by a celeb who shall remain anonymous. You name it, I’ve tried it on my quest for clearer skin. While I've finally gotten a handle on my complexion, one primary issue I'm currently dealing with is the hyperpigmentation left from breakouts past. After hearing about Murad's Rapid Dark Spot Correcting Serum boasting everything from very impressive clinical to customer reviewers and staggering before & after photos, you could say my interest was more than piqued. Join me below as I test and chronicle everything there is to know about Murad's new product — including why the $115 serum ultimately earned a permanent spot in my skincare routine.

First Impressions

A common issue with brightening serums is that they can be a little, well, intense. Murad's serum is packed with ingredients like tranexamic acid and glycolic acid, but you wouldn't know it by how gentle it feels. It dispenses as a clear gel and doesn't have a noticeable scent. Best of all, it felt like a skin-loving treat – no tingling or burning whatsoever. For these reasons, I started using it before bed and then worked my way up to both morning and night use.

Ok I am 51 and have developed a age (sun) spot on my forehead. I hate it and it’s all I can see in pictures. The dermatologist said he could take it off but it would be white. Started on this a month ago and it is GONE!!! Unbelievable!

Murad Reviewer

I used a different product for almost a full year. Murad Rapid Dark Spot Correcting Serum has made more of a difference in 1 month than the other product made in a year. I'm very happy.

Murad Reviewer

The Results

After a month, I'm already — and this is not an #ad — blown away from the results. In addition to generally waking up my skin, the darkest bits of hyperpigmentation are now (by my standards) pretty much NBD. On the left pic, I'm wearing some makeup but my skin is still on display; on the right, I'm barefaced — and my darkest marks have faded quite a bit. (Apparently, I only take selfies with my pup now.) While I couldn't be happier with my skin after finishing one bottle of the wonder potion, here's the not-so-amazing scoop: it retails for $115, but hear me out — through all my acne ups and downs, I've only seen results like this with significantly pricier treatments like lasers and professional facials. Plus, it lasted me about two months with twice-daily use.

I've only seen results like this with significantly pricier treatments like lasers and professional facials.

Karina Hoshikawa, R29 Beauty & Wellness Writer
Photo: Courtesy of Karina Hoshikawa
Left: Before using the serum; Right: A month after daily use
While this has become a beloved addition to my skin-care arsenal — and a worthy investment, IMO — I'll absolutely continue my hunt for (preferably more affordable) products that help kindly show acne the door. Watch this space!

It definitely works, skin has much improved. My face is softer, brighter, more even... worth buying after trying so many other products that show no results.

Murad Reviewer
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