Mars In Cancer Is Here To Transform You

Action planet Mars has been transiting the mutable sign Gemini since August 2022. Since then, we’ve gone through a lot of changes on both a personal and collective level as well as a very long retrograde (Mars was retrograde in Gemini from October 30, 2022 to January 12, 2023). By the time Mars went direct, we had grown impatient and frustrated with day-to-day matters and routines. Luckily, we will feel the vibe shift on March 25, when Mars finally steps up and moves into Cancer staying there until May 20. We can use this fluid energy to keep everything in our lives growing and moving forward.
But let’s also be real. Mars in Cancer is a mood. It’s not known to be the easiest placement, as it’s in its fall here. What does being ‘in its fall’ mean? Mars in Capricorn (the opposite sign of Cancer) is what we call exaltation — since the raw earthiness of the sign uses its power to complete projects without a hitch and usually follows through on promises because Capricorn is ruled by taskmaster Saturn, who adheres to structure. Now, Mars in Cancer is ruled by the Moon. That’s the moon that changes phases twice a week and signs every 2.5 days, so the overall tone can be inconsistent — unless we decide to take charge.
But despite its unfavourable placement, Mars in Cancer brings a loyal, eccentric, psychic, familial vibe to the table. Mars in Cancer can be tender at times, but it will show the world a tough exterior and it can spout salty words when angered. Therefore, we can use this time to understand our feelings and connect with a loved one. We can expect on-and-off relationships to consume our hearts, too. Remember, it’s not over until it’s over…or at least until Mars changes signs on May 20. 
Domestic goals and heartfelt wishes will be on the forefront of our efforts and minds during this transit. If there is a home renovation that has been on the back burner, now is the time to start. The same applies to connecting with family and making amends with loved ones. Reach out and show you care to reestablish the relationship. A little effort goes a long way now.
When it comes to work, we’ll be able to get things done — just on our own timeline and way. The crab walks sideways, which means they have their own unique manner and creative abilities. Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which dictates emotions, our moods are usually aligned with the lunar cycle when Mars is in Cancer. On a typical day, we will try to be passive-aggressive, but the Moon can overpower our feelings and bring out our tempestuous sentiments.
On the flip side, emotional manipulation could be a factor in others steamrolling us to get what they want (or vice versa). It’s important to pay attention to what people are saying and doing in order to comprehend and understand their intentions fully. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry when Mars is in Cancer. 
Finally, feel your feels. Don’t shy away from releasing pent-up energy by having a good cry. Keep a box of tissues near you and let it all out. Taking a hot bath or shower to heal your body and spirit will prove to be restorative and beneficial at this moment, due to the fact that Cancer is a water sign.
These are the transits that will occur when Mars is in Cancer: 
Expect emotions to peak during the Libra full moon on April 5 and eclipse season (April 20 and May 5) since the Moon rules Cancer. We’ll be asked to walk and think out of our comfort zones — even though we really don’t want to. Lean into change and transformation.
Mars and Mercury connect on April 8, lending sauciness to our words. 
Mercury retrograde begins on April 21 and ends on May 14. Mars in Cancer will add a temperamental and emotional dimension to both transits.
Mars harmonises with Uranus on April 29, allowing us to take new approaches towards our goals. 
Mars and Neptune align on May 15, making us feel stuck and unable to move forward. Don’t let fear hold you back. 
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