Jupiter Is Going Direct & Good News Is Coming Your Way

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As one of the most powerful and biggest planets in the solar system, Jupiter’s energy can be felt immensely by us earthlings. It’s the planet of luck, expansion, freedom, social justice, abundance, education and wisdom. Therefore, the effects of its movements are immense and can be felt in huge ways.
In 2022, Jupiter moved from Pisces to Aries and then back to Pisces (the sign it is currently residing in now) during the nearly four-month retrograde cycle that began on July 28. When Jupiter previously moved into Aries on May 10, we felt confident, self-assured, and eager to take charge. On October 28, Jupiter moonwalked into Pisces, taking us back to May. From that point on, we have been working on ways to improve the story and dream. Narayana Montufar, author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power says, “as Jupiter wakes up in one of its favourite signs to be in, we can expect good news to hit our inbox. An opportunity that didn't quite gel in the spring… could suddenly come through.” Now that Jupiter is moving direct in its home sign (Jupiter is the traditional planetary ruler of Pisces) we can expect to see growth on a granular, universal level (as well as personally). 
Contrary to popular belief, Jupiter retrograde isn’t a bad time. All retrogrades bring unpredictable times and a slow down in movement. This planetary moonwalk allows us to connect with our spiritual beliefs, hopes and goals on a deeper level. Also, it helps us to find our soul’s purpose. Technically, the retrograde is the lesser energy of the forward motion. Therefore, we’ve been enjoying and relishing the TLC brought on by this fun-loving planet. However, we’ll feel the goodness at full speed now. 
Jupiter is moving ahead in direct motion on November 23 — just moments after the new moon in Sagittarius is going to heighten the potency of the planet. Narayana says that the 23, “brims with promise, bringing a fabulous time to set intentions for the month ahead.” Luck, positivity, good vibes, and abundance is going to be free-flowing from the universe. Travel, school, information, and optimism will become easier, swift, and chiller. Generosity and kindness are at the forefront of everyone’s minds—which could translate to great deals and presents being bought for us by friends and family on Black Friday (or vice versa). This could translate to cool holiday gifts that we want and will be grateful for.
When Jupiter glides into Aries for a second time on December 20, it’ll give us a chance to step up our entrepreneurial skills and take on more projects that can elevate our professional status. With the knowledge we have gained from May 10 to October 28 (the first time Jupiter danced in Aries), we will be able to create a greater and better vision for ourselves. After all, the third time's a charm (Jupiter is going to wander in the same early degrees for a third time starting on December 20). There will be little room for error or doubt as we trot onwards and expand our aspirations. 
All this time has given Jupiter a chance to help us reflect and decide how we want to evolve. The path and endgame to our initial objectives may look different, but the desire to expand our horizons, desires, and goals is the same. Life moves pretty fast—just make sure you’re doing what you love and making strides towards happiness. The time to stand strong and proud in all we do is now—so give yourself a big applause for the hard work and efforts that you’ve taken on and accomplished. As we move forward, you’ll be using everything that you’ve learned on a personal level to transform your personal life and the world.
Stay tuned for greatness!

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