We Reviewed $500 Worth Of Go-To Skincare — Here’s What Made The Cut

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As someone who doesn't properly understand the whole import and export economy, I can still say with certainty that Go-To is one of our finest exports. The Australian skincare brand was launched in 2014 by beauty editor and author Zoë Foster Blake and since then, has garnered a huge following for its simple, frank and playful approach to skincare.
But under its pale peach sheen and cheeky copy, how do its facial products actually stack up? A few Refinery29 Australia team members gladly volunteered to try out the Go-To skincare range. While Money Diaries Editor Ally has normal skin that changes with the seasons, I, our Living & Wellness Writer, have combination, acne-prone skin.
Here, we give our honest thoughts and reviews of every single Go-To skincare product we could get our little hands on.
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