7 R29ers, 4 Eye Colours: Charlotte Tilbury’s Burgundy Mascara Is…Different

Photo Courtesy of Jacqueline Kilikita.
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We’re simple creatures at Refinery29 HQ. Mention Charlotte Tilbury and we’ll be there, eager to try whatever new taste of Hollywood glitz and glamour the makeup artist is serving up. Most recently it’s the brand’s Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! Mascara, $46, in shade Dream Pop that is making waves online. Fans cannot get over Charlotte Tilbury’s classic Push Up Lashes! thickening formula rendered in a deep maroon, berry-brown shade with the brand’s distinctive paddle-shaped brush.
Of course, though, when it comes to mascara, nothing divides opinion like the curl and hold of a lash. So to find out whether the burgundy iteration of Push Up Lashes! is worth the hype, we road-tested it on seven members of the team, comparing the brush, the formula and the colour payoff on various eye shades. Read on for our honest thoughts. 
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