I Tried Kate Middleton’s Favourite Bee Venom Facial & The Price Stings More Than The Treatment

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I've dedicated my career to the beauty industry and as a result, I've shaved my head, sacrificed my face and acted as a guinea pig for some of the world's wackiest treatments. All in the name of research, right?
But when I was asked if I wanted to receive Kate Middleton's favourite bee venom facial from one of Australia's leading integrated facialists, April Brodie, I got a little bit scared. Naively, I assumed my skin would fall victim to the stingers of a hive of bees.
Thankfully, my wild imagination was way off. In actuality, the bee venom facial shouldn't be a painful experience for anyone involved — including the bees.

No bees are harmed in the process

Bees are crucial to our survival, so it was important that I confirm whether bees are harmed to create this facial. The good news is, they aren't. "The bee venom is extracted without causing any harm to the bees," Brodie explains. "The bees are encouraged to sting a pane of glass with an electric hum running through it; this method allows the venom to be collected while ensuring the bees survive with their stingers still intact."
"Extraction requires expertise and precision to ensure the safety and well-being of the bees," assures Brodie. "The venom is often collected using specialised equipment, and skilled professionals or beekeepers are needed to carry out the extraction process."

Bee venom is rare and expensive

The treatment that Brodie offers utilises venom extracted specifically from queen bees. The labour-intensive extraction process and quality of venom are what makes this treatment so luxurious and the ingredient so rare. In fact, there are only 500 jars of the bee venom Brodie uses on her clients made each year.
"The amount of venom collected from each bee is small. Gathering sufficient amounts of bee venom requires numerous bees and careful extraction methods," explains Brodie. "This rarity drives up the cost." A jar of Heaven by Deborah Mitchell's Gold Bee Venom Mask retails for $780 a pop, and a visit to Brodie will set you back $455 for a 90-minute treatment that promises "the benefits of a facelift without the need for surgery".

What is a bee venom facial?

Brodie is the only facialist in Australia who's qualified to administer the bee venom facial, and was trained by Deborah Mitchell, the very facialist who treats Kate Middleton. She combines her signature massage techniques with a range of bee-related skincare and LED therapy to "relax the muscles, boost collagen and elastin production and leave your features looking chiselled, firmer and smoother".
"The facial begins with a thorough cleanse to gently remove makeup and surface impurities," she explains, adding that this helps to prepare the skin for the highly active ingredients to follow. Next, Brodie applies a product called 'Bee Polish'; a non-abrasive exfoliant that refines the complexion and contains the all-important bee venom, otherwise known as ABEETOXIN. 
An ABEETOXIN serum is also applied to the eye contour area, which helps to depuff and brighten. "Following that, the Willow Bee Mask, an anti-inflammatory powerhouse, is gently placed on the skin," explains Brodie. Professional-grade LED light therapy is then used to further enhance the rejuvenation of the skin during the treatment, and the Bee Venom Mask is left on the skin post-treatment and continues to work throughout the day. There's no downtime after the facial and the only people who should probably steer clear of the treatment are understandably those with a bee allergy.

April Brodie bee venom facial review

Let me preface my review by saying, this was without a doubt one of the best facials I have ever had, but not because of the bee venom.
April Brodie is a master at intensive massage techniques. She didn't just massage my face. She massaged my face, neck, shoulders, legs and feet during the treatment and used her in-depth knowledge and skills to tailor the massage to my needs. I had been suffering from extreme tension in my jaw, neck and shoulders and throughout the 90-minute treatment, Brodie went hell-to-leather releasing the tension in my muscles.
However, the quality of the bee venom-infused skincare and the LED therapy she used during the treatment was evident the next day. My complexion prior to my facial was dull and I was breaking out on my chin. But afterwards, my skin had an undeniable radiance, the pimple on my chin looked less angry and my jawline and cheekbones were snatched.
While I am fully aware that forking out $455 for a facial is no small ask for most people, but if you have the opportunity to save up and treat yourself to one of April Brodie's waitlist-only bee venom facials, I would recommend you do. Brodie's expertise in her field is evident from the moment your treatment begins and at the end of the day, it's her impeccable service and skills that you're paying for. The high-quality bee venom and the effects it has on the skin are just a happy bonus.
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