3 Nail Colour Trends Bringing Good Vibes To The 2022 Manicure

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When it comes to picking a nail polish colour, there's no right or wrong choice. Still, the stakes can seem high when you're standing in front of a wall of options, or have your entire collection lined up in front of you, and have to choose a single colour that fits your mood and energy. In these situations, when I'm indecisive, I think about helpful advice I received from Walaa, an expert in colour theory, who told me to, "Pick the first colour that catches your eye." She calls it a practice of trusting your instinct.
It's easier to trust my gut when I feel inspired. From a tonal perspective, there are a few specific colour trends that are predicted to be big in 2022 for one reason: because they spark joy. Ahead, three nail founders predict the colour trends that will be big this year, If nothing else, it might help make your next nail-polish decision a little easier. Who knows, you might surprise yourself picking that bright blue from the wall in 30 seconds flat.

Positive Blue

"Steven Tyler once said that 'Blue is the closest colour to the truth,' and about 70% of people on the planet would agree that blue is their favourite colour, irrespective of gender or age. So as a non-binary nail brand, going into 2022, we feel that blue is the perfect colour to move forward in an open, positive, and colourful way. " - Alison Brown, founder of To Be Frank.

Soft Green

"Mint green invites balance, peace, and opportunity to refresh your mind and spirit — perfect for entering a new year on a fresh note." -Maia Alejandro, founder of FOR TMRW.

Classic Red

"Many of our clients at Glosslab have been staying true to the classics with red this season. The bolder and brighter the shade, the better." - Rachel Apfel Glass, founder of Glosslab.
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