The Most Bone-Chilling Horror Movies Streaming Now On Netflix

Though dramas are gripping and comedies are fun, odds are, you feel most alive while watching a horror movie. There's nothing quite like the feeling of being scared silly: Your brain and body react in tandem, creating a visceral cinematic experience. Watching a good horror film feels a bit something like this: “On your mark. Get set. Scream!” Each moment, you’re waiting for a trap door in the plot to swing open, and plunge you into a wormhole of terrifying action and ideas.
But don’t fall under the misconception that all horror movies are alike. Rather, they each offer a distinct flavour of fright. Ranging from cult classics to gory slashers, psychological thrillers and those that are terrifying while being completely gore-free, horror films made by women or featuring terrifying female villains, there’s a horror to suit every mood. One thing they have in common? Across genres, each of these horror films will haunt you like the ghosts they depict.
Our advice? Save these for Netflix and Chills, sleepovers, and parties. Watch alone at your own risk, lest you want to read deeply into each of your home's creaks, noises, and sounds.
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