Victoria Beckham’s New Blush Is (Almost) As Fun As Roller Skating

Photo: James Devaney/GC Images.
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Victoria Beckham keeps her ringtone on loud when she's travelling for work. I know because, yesterday, we were sitting in the same room — well, the same suite, on the eighth floor of Bergdorf Goodman in NYC with a bird's-eye view across the southeast corner of Central Park. Beckham is poised, upright and cross-legged, sitting on a tall chair addressing six beauty editors. I was squinting, the late-afternoon sun spilling in through the glass windows, when Posh's iPhone started chiming.
"Oh, that must be one of my kids about to go to bed," Beckham said, instinctively silencing the bell chimes. It struck me that it was a little past 8pm in London, likely around the time that Beckham's 10-year-old daughter Harper would be calling mum to say goodnight. I mouthed "aw" under my face mask, imagining the iconic Spice Girl — today, a fashion designer and the cofounder of her two-year-old beauty brand, Victoria Beckham Beauty — tucking in her tween through FaceTime between her NYC press appearances.
The call from home turned out to be an apt segue for Beckham to talk about her newest Victoria Beckham Beauty makeup product: Cheeky Posh, a cream blush stick, now available at Bergdorf Goodman along with the other clean cosmetics in her namesake label. The formula comes in five different colours, including Beckham's favourite: a bold raspberry-coral pink called Roller Skate, named in honour of Harper, who was actively involved in creating it. "She'd just roller skate into the room during a product meeting, pick her favourite shade, and roll right back out," Beckham said.
I'm surprised that Beckham, a studied nude-lip loyalist, loves a bright blush, let alone one that's so punchy. But she said that the most intimidating shade of Cheeky Blush is actually one of her best-kept makeup tricks. "See, Roller Skate is this bright pink," Beckham explained, twisting up the lipstick-like bullet. "It's a colour I might have been scared to use because it's really bright. But actually, I use a tiny bit — on my cheeks, eyelids, and a little on my lips — and it instantly brightens my whole complexion."
The endorsement was enough to get me to reach for the vibrant coral shade, despite the fact that the neutral pink is more my speed. After a delicate dab-dab on the apples of my cheeks and across my nose, I looked both well-rested and hydrated, neither of which were honest. Plus, I felt a little smilier imagining Harper on her roller skates.

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