20 Films Every Woman Should See At Least Once

There are a lot of good movies. You enjoy them, and then you forget them. But some films are special. They open up the door in your heart for characters to move in, and stay forever. Which of us, after seeing Little Miss Sunshine, doesn't often think of Olive Hoover (Abigail Breslin) performing her pageant routine with confidence, completely disregarding the collective open-mouthed gape of the adults in the room?
We gathered a broad range of films that highlight women's stories — the special kind of movies that will stay with you long past the first viewing. In these movies, you'll encounter all manner of women. Lonely vampires that stalk the streets looking to enact justice through their victim choices. A trio of astrophysicists that face sexism and racism, but don't give up. Lots of mothers and daughters. And all will speak to you.
Come to this list whenever you need to feel understood, and to feel united with other women from all ages, eras, and walks of life.
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