A 12-Minute, No-Equipment Workout From Kayla Itsines

Last year, I dabbled in a million forms of at-home exercise, and I finally found the perfect formula for me: The workout must be short. It must require no equipment. And it must be intense enough to burn off the bottled-up energy I get from being stuck at home most of the day.
High-intensity circuit training checks every boxes. "I've always had such a passion for high-intensity circuit training — it's the way I've trained myself and my clients for over 11 years," Kayla Itsines, co-founder of the Sweat app and creator of the insanely popular BBG Training Programs, tells Refinery29. "What I love about it is that it's easy to follow and is great for those who are beginners or advanced as it allows you to workout at a pace that works for you and your fitness level."
To help you decide whether this style of workout is a fit for you, Itsines put together three 12-minute workouts exclusively for Refinery29 readers, which we'll be rolling out over the next few weeks. First up: A full-body session that requires no gear, and works all your major muscle groups to leave you "good tired."
To kick things off, just start swiping. You'll repeat each move for 30 seconds straight before moving directly into the next one. After completing the seven exercises, rest for 30 seconds before starting back at slide 1. Repeat the whole sequence three times.
The circuit can take you as little as 12 minutes, but Itsines encourages you to go at your own pace and take as many breaks as you need throughout — you'll still get a great, mood-boosting and stress-busting workout. And stay tuned for next week's instalment.

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