20 Chicagoans To Follow On Twitter–#DoIt

Everybody tweets. We get it. There isn't a soul in Chicago without a Twitter account, but that doesn't mean you should follow every single person in your El train car. Allow us to lend some clarity to the art of the Twitter follow, with a little help from an expert. Enter Lisa Frame, the Chicago Community Manager at Loopt, and the brains behind the networking blog Mugshot Monday. With this impressive, uh, social resume, Frame is clearly a wiz at sniffing out the coolest projects, raddest events, and general local awesomeness that city dwellers need to know about. Click through to learn about the 20 most mandatory Chicago Twitter accounts according to Lisa, and then start expanding (or narrowing) your follow list. If your friends want to know how you suddenly became so savvy about all things social in Chicago, just tell them a little birdie told you.
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Style File


She’s a nail artist. Enough said, right? When you follow this babette be prepared for some major nail envy and inspiration. She goes hard on nail art in the best possible way.
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Style File


This Chicago style blogger’s Twitter is filled with photos from fashion shows, events, and photo shoots. Click "follow", just do it.
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Style File


Style and guy advice? Need we really say more? This Twitter feed will have you LOLing, RTing, and OHing. (That’s “Laughing out Loud” “Retweeting” and “Over Hearing” if you’re nasty.)
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Mega Creatives


We can’t stop tweeting about the founder of We Can’t Stop Thinking! Nick Scimeca is a bonified creative director (Patagonia, Angels and Kings, and Plain White T’s to name a few clients) who has created a mega successful creative agency in Chicago. Follow him and get inspired by this guy’s hustle and dedication to smart, minimalistic design.
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Mega Creatives


Who doesn’t love a power couple story? Jesse and Abby founded READY SET MAKE together as a couple and they spend their time making really sweet branding and campaigns happen. Major awe and awwwwwe.
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Your new BFF


On Twitter, Tori serves as the Daria-like bff you were never cool enough to have in real life. She’s smart, pessimistic, cute, and oh-so-honest. Her bio explains it best: “I am like an Olsen, I rarely smile and when I do it looks awkward.”
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Your new BFF


If you love music and dancing with your best friend then you need to follow James. This remix-hunter finds the best beats the net has to offer. Your ears will thank you.
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Your new BFF


Everybody needs a girl’s girl guide to the city and CheekyChicago is just that. They party just as much as you (if not more) but they are just so…cheeky and feminine about it! Emily Post would be proud to call them friends and we can all use a little cheekiness in our lives. #please&thankyou
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Nom Nom Nom


Haven’t heard of the Tamale Guy? No excuse now! Technically there are two TG’s (green or red cooler) who hit up UK Village/Wicker Park hot spots with their delicious handmade tamales. Follow and watch the community have your back by tweeting IRL the location of your favorite delivery guy! #drunktweet
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Nom Nom Nom


Sarah Grueneberg is the sassy Top Chef Final 4 finalist (Texas)! She’s the Executive Chef at Spiaggia Restaurant and her tweets are filled with local YUM. She recently went to Slurping Turtle and said it was “great!”, so we had to try it too, naturally.
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Nom Nom Nom


Amanda Puck's passion is clearly food and from her tweets it’s easy to assume she’s tried every good (and bad) restaurant Chicago has to offer. She’s witty, chummy with celebs, and has a metabolism worth envying.
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Ever wonder who holds the key to all the Chicago Tech secrets? It’s Seth Kravitz, without a doubt. Follow him and get ready to immerse yourself into a tech-hustler mindset. He also shares invites to keynotes being held in Chicago from mega-players if you’re patient. Wait for it…
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Justyn Howard is a big dreamer and do-er who isn’t stopping anytime soon. He’s the co-founder of SproutSocial, an online social media management software used by mega companies. He tweets about creative brainstorming, entrepreneurialism, and how to get your brand noticed.
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This art collective (of 7 hunks, ladies) is a major must follow. Expect to see tweets about local artists, exhibitions, and designers from these guys. Oh, and major blog link eye candy. Retweet.
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Listen Up


We heart this music editorial because they are open to all types of music, as long as it’s relevant. (Keep a watch out for big time giveaways and passes to cool shows.)
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Listen Up


Matt Roan is one of the best DJ’s around town. He has residency at some of the slickest spots in Chicago and always gets rad to some '90s dance jams. Follow Matt and upgrade your weekend dance schedule.
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Listen Up


Marisa Ruiz is the total Twitter package. If you’re looking for good tuneage. She’s the Music editor for @BrokeHipster and @LostinConcert, and she's a @Do312 tastemaker. She goes hard on the music scene and keeps her followers in the loop. #rockon
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Chicago Seen


New to Chicago or want to see a new side of the social scene? Then you must check out the girls behind A Drink With Chicago. Every month they interview someone making moves in Chicago in a really fun way. Think of it as a meet and tweet!
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Chicago Seen


This jet setting photographer documents the best parties in Chicago. Don’t believe us? Take a look at his photosite DarkRoomDemons.com. If you want a new sizzling Facebook profile pic be sure to get snapped by this guy. #dreamlighting
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Chicago Seen

@ ahmedb_ug

Ahmed Barimah is the VIP Captain for The Under Ground nightclub in River North. He’s pretty much been the Prom King of Chicago since forever ago and we recommend you follow him if you want to know what parties are happening Downtown. Also, if you’re nice to him he might let you cut in line. Just saying. #justdance

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