“Stone Blonde” Hair Colour Is Platinum’s Cooler Baby Sister

Maintaining platinum hair colour comes with a warning label. There's inevitable breakage, rules around chlorine and salt water exposure, pricey purple shampoos and deep conditioners, and a lengthy appointment required every three weeks. Still, for an edgy, confidence-boosting icy lob, many of us accept the side effects with pleasure. But now, there's a way to get that same brightness without committing to traditional double-process platinum — just ask for "stone-blonde" highlights.

According to Los Angeles-based colourist Sarah Klein, this take on platinum is all about soft, tonal dimension, but since it's as bright as platinum, it offers a similar feeling with less commitment. “Stone blonde strikes the balance between ashy and warm, creating a natural, beige-blonde finish," she explains. "It's actually more versatile than platinum, because it's not a single colour, but factors in your natural root colour and skin complexion."


If you're as intrigued as us, scroll though the slideshow ahead for your visual guide to platinum's trendy baby sister.

Notice how this shade of blonde is very pale, but maintains soft, warm undertones that keep it from being bleached white.
Create a more lived-in — and totally edgy — look by leaving a naturally-dark root intact.
Colourist Kari Hill artfully placed these bright highlights to ensure that the look grows out with ease.
If you're looking for the most low-maintenance colour, consider asking for a balayage technique. Ask your colourist to place the palest, platinum-adjacent pieces just on your ends and around your face.
In order to maintain stone-blonde colour between appointments, Klein recommends using a combo of colour-boosting shampoo and conditioner, her favourite is Light Beige by Evo.
Think about a beach stone, with marbled veins of light brown and soft red. Stone-coloured hair should have that same subtle dimension.
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