Celebrities Who Bared It All On Instagram

Ah, Instagram. Home to photos of your friends' engagement rings, vacation destinations that exceed your budget, and occasionally, celebrity nude photos that make the headlines. Celebrities are the masters of Instagram, and for good reason. They can connect with their fans and build their personal brands, as well as rake in money from subtle (and not-so subtle) product placement.

Instagram's also where celebrities go to flaunt their bodies. But even celebrities — and more specifically, female ones — are subject to Instagram's "no nipple policy." In 2015, Rihanna posted a topless photos from her Lui magazine cover shoot and had her account suspended for breaching guidelines. Others, like Kendall Jenner, slyly get around the nipple ban.

Recently, more and more celebrities accompany their nude photos with a political message. In 2014, Chelsea Handler posed topless on a horse, a la Vladimir Putin. Handler was incensed when Instagram removed the photo. "Taking this down is sexist. I have every right to show I have a better body than Putin," she Tweeted.

Here are the most iconic celebrity nudes that skirted the rules.

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Emily Ratajkowski, Part 2

Ratajkowski posed for her husband on their honeymoon.
Emily Ratajkowski

Ratajkowski published this photo to promote her Lenny Letter essay "Baby Woman."

Back in 2013, Kesha shared this revealing photo of herself on Instagram and Twitter.
Millie Mackintosh

When in Mykonos, am I right?
Bella Hadid

We'll hand it to them, it's a creative way to model jewelry.
Paris Jackson

This black and white photo was accompanied by a long manifesto about nudity, feminism, and "absorbing mother earth's energy."

Here's how Jackson explains her penchant for naked gardening: "Being naked is part of what makes us human. For me it helps me feel more connected to mama gaia. I'm usually naked when I garden. It's actually a beautiful thing and you don't have to make it sexual the way many Hollywood stars (and the media) do. Not only is your body a temple and should be worshipped as so, but also part of feminism is being able to express yourself in your own way, whether it's being conservative and wearing lots of clothes or showing yourself."
Justin Bieber

Bieber took advantage of his camping trip to make an audition tape for Naked and Afraid, or so it seems.
Khloé Kardashian

Kardashian frequently addressed her body's appearance in 2016, the time of this Instagram post.

"My whole body transformation kind of just happened," she said to Refinery29. "I didn’t even set out to change my body at first. I really needed an emotional release and the physical results of working out came as a side effect of relieving the stress."
Joanna Krupka

Real Housewives of Miami's Joanna Krupka must've gone to Hogwarts, because she's a master of illusion. At first, it seems that Real Housewives of Miami's Joanna Krupka is posing entirely in the nude. But, in fact, she's wearing nude underwear. How clever!
Jay Cutler

Kristin Cavallari opened up her marriage to a new degree by posting a photo of her husband's rear end.
Kendall Jenner

Jenner gave this candid shot as a gift to her millions of followers. "My favorite photo of myself for all 40 mill of you," she wrote. "Genuine happiness."
Kendall Jenner, take two

Jenner used pizza emoji to free the nipple. Take that, Instagram police.

She addressed the photo in her blog: "I took this photo over the summer in New York. I don't know if you can relate, but I just felt like I was having a really good boob day, lol. Do you know what I mean? Your boobs go through phases and on this particular day, I felt like they just looked nice! :) My shirt was see-through, so I took this photo and just texted it to Hailey and Gigi before I left to meet them and was like, 'Is this too much?' They wrote back, 'It's kind of a lot, but if you're into it, go for it!'"
Erika Jayne

As with most of these nude photos, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star wrote a long justification to go along with this bedroom photo. Among her list of five points, Jayne includes, "3. I posted this knowing most of you would be judgmental and couldn't resist a chance to tear me down and I was right. 4. Go be offended at your own life. 5. I'm living my life to the fullest."
Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney celebrated Mother's Day by crouching naked in a large fern.
Ashley Graham

For her fashion spread with Fashion Unfiltered, Graham posed wearing solely a red wig.
Kim Kardashian West

At this point, Kardashian West is boldly and defiantly facing down against Instagram's "no nipple policy."
Darren Criss

Criss posed an important question to his followers.

"So what's more red?" he asked in the caption. "My sunburn, my speedo, or YOUR FACE???‬"
Demi Lovato

A relic from Lovato's Vanity Fair photoshoot.

"WHAT'S WRONG WITH BEING CONFIDENT?" Lovato demands in the caption.
Miley Cyrus

Cyrus has a penchant for posting NSFW photos on Instagram. Here's one from her photoshoot with V Magazine.
Kim Kardashian, Part One

Kardashian is #liberated.
Kim Kardashian, Part Two

Though Kardashian has taken many, many nude photos, this mirror selfie might be the most famous of them all.
Nicki Minaj

Rapunzel and Nicki Minaj can wax poetic on the practical benefits of long hair.
Amy Schumer

As if predicting the public's reaction, Schumer accompanied the photo with a litany of adjectives: "Beautiful, gross, strong, thin, fat, pretty, ugly, sexy, disgusting, flawless, woman." Schumer was included in the annual Pirelli Calendar, along with other influential figures like Ava DuVernay and Patti Smith.
John Legend

Chrissy Teigen snapped evidence of her husband traipsing around in the nude.
Chrissy Teigen

Teigen may post photos of her husband's butt, but she also bares all herself.

RiRi showed off her chest tattoo.
Halle Berry

Berry's caption is, "I’ll tell you what freedom is to me. No fear." But this pose sort of reminds us of a horror movie sequence.
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