5 Things To Know This AM — Oct 05 2011

Erin's got that whole mixing-tons-of-patterns-and-colors thing down. Are you paying attention? (The Style Tribe)
Metromix staff members pick their favorite restos, by cuisine. This stunning slideshow will make you hungry–proceed with caution. (Metromix)
Jay Cutler payed his ex-girlfriend Kristen Cavallari a visit on Dancing With The Stars, making us think they aren't as "ex" as they used to be. (Chicagoist)
Chicago can already bid farewell to The Playboy Club, as NBC has already cancelled this local endeavor. We're bummed for all the local actors, aren't you? (Chicago Reader)
We love lists of up-and-coming chefs to watch, but we'd rather learn about them the fun way. Who's hungry? (Eater Chicago)
erin patterns

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