The Internet Can't Handle This Video Of A Dad Dreaming About Being A Dad

When you're parenting a newborn, life can be rough. There's a reason parenting forums write articles like "Coping with sleep deprivation," and "10 Steps to Surviving the First Three Months with a Newborn." Most new parents don't get the sleep they need during the night, and so have to find a way to sneak in naps during the day.
We're willing to bet that's what happened with this clearly exhausted dad, who was filmed having a dream about...well, being a dad.
As his baby cries in the background, this dad absentmindedly "pats" his child's back. The problem? He's fast asleep, and the baby isn't even in his arms. About 10 seconds in to this 16 second video, we see that the baby is actually being comforted by who we assume to be the child's mom and this man's partner.
She, of course, is cracking up at her partner continually trying to soothe a baby who isn't in his arms.
And it seems other parents can relate. The video, which was submitted to America's Funniest Videos (season 27!) and uploaded to the show's YouTube page, has been watched more than 127,000 times.
It's just another reminder that parents of newborns often don't get enough sleep, maybe because — like this dad — they're so worried about their children's well-being. But for any new parents out there, it's important to take care of yourself, too, and get the sleep you need.
So important, in fact, that the National Center for Biotechnology Information interviewed the parents of 8 sets of twins to figure out how they squeeze in their hours of sleep. And it seems like their best strategy is already being put to use in this video: taking shifts.

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