This is What Humans Would Look Like If They Evolved To Survive Car Crashes

Humans evolving to better withstand car crashes sounds like a win-win scenario…until you see exactly what that would look like. The Traffic Accident Commission of Melbourne, Australia took the liberty of imagining just that, and the results are absolutely horrifying.

Doctors, artists, and engineers teamed up to create Graham, a mock-up of this supposed human who has no neck but does have air sacs on his ribcage. While these features would be helpful — there’s no risk of Graham breaking his neck in a crash, and the sacs act like a built-in airbag — they come at the expense of, well, pretty much everything else. Graham looks less like a person and more like a lump of flesh, with sunken facial features and ears that go in rather than out.

In addition to the structural changes, Graham has some other “advantages” as well. For instance, his skin is tougher, and knees and ankles more mobile, but that face…*shudder*. It’s hard to decide whether or not it would be worth it.

Of course, Graham isn’t actually #goals, he’s more a reminder of just how ill-suited our bodies are for car travel. The Traffic Accident Commission knows this too well, so the next time you decided not to use a seatbelt, take one look at Graham. He’ll quickly change your tune.

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