Who's The Boss? This "Meathead" Has It All Figured Out

How does someone who owns 13 successful burger restaurants (and we're not talking about a franchise here) not consider themselves an entrepreneur? Well, according to Tom Jednorowicz, CEO of Meatheads, it's a self-important word for someone who is considered a risk-taker. "I'm the most risk-averse guy I know.... But, I also know that if I'm going to invest in something, the most sure investment I can think of is investing in me." Well, Jednorowicz is certainly not crazy, because the man just opened his 13th quick-service burger joint in the Chicagoland area, proving that you need not reinvent the wheel — or make a groundbreaking discovery — to be successful.
The burger boss strives to set Meatheads apart from the competition by following a simple-yet-solid list of standards, including top-notch service, higher quality ingredients, and fresh (never frozen) burgers made with 100% Angus beef (no mystery meat here!). But, just because Jednorowicz has a background as a Potbelly executive does not mean everything got off to a smooth start. In fact, he admits that he and his partner had to send their team home on the first day of training because they had "no idea what they were doing." Hungry for more? Check out the great video below from Crain's Chicago Business on Jednorowicz's inspiring journey.
So, we hope this helps you to cast away your fears of having to know everything before taking the entrepreneurial plunge. Saganaki food truck? Sounds good to us. (Crain's Chicago Business)

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