An Easy DIY That Puts Your Doodling To Test!

It's a shame that looseleaf paper is as flimsy as it is, because some of our best artwork was done on the margins of our homework assignments. We might not have the painterly skill of Caravaggio, but anyone can be a masterful doodler, especially when you've been around as many pens as Erica Domesek of PS I Made This. The DIY artist, author, and self-proclaimed Sharpie enthusiast helped launch Sharpie's new fabric pens, and showed us an incredible summer DIY project that inspired us to put our own doodle skills to the test.
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These canvas pouches can be found at most craft supply stores. Faintly draw the outline of a clutch on the front with a pencil.
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Using the black marker, outline the edges of the clutch. Steady goes it! use a pencil and a ruler to make grid marks.
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Fill in the two large flap sections with your favorite color. The pencil marks should still be visible.
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It should look like this when you're done coloring!
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Don't be scared to use them in different sizes and shapes!
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Once you're done, determine where you want the straps to be and mark the spots.
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Now, stab! But, be careful. You'll want to go through both layers of canvas.
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Insert brass grommets into the cut holes...
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...and make sure to line them up!
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Hammer your grommets in place.
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With a string of coordinating chain. string your straps on.
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Make sure you go through both layers!
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Attach the two ends with a safety pin.
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Feel free to continue doodling and add your own special touches.

Now that you've mastered the Sharpie DIY, check out two other projects you can tackle, as shown off by our resident Refinery29 crafters!
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Our global editor attacked a pair of old sneakers (actually, from this story here!), and had her boyfriend doodle on the other one.
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A fruit race on one shoe, and a sunset on the other.
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Our intern Lexi drew a field of flowers on an old pair of white shorts.
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Things are popping up in daisies... even in the back!

Show us how you DIY! We want to see your doodles!

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