Banish Dry Winter Skin With These Hometown Beauty Finds

If winter has left (that's right, past tense — we're ready to spring forward, here) your skin feeling parched and pasty, then you know how crucial a really good, super-intensive moisturizer is right about now. As for us, we're official residents of Flake City, so we were pretty excited to try the new spa line from local skincare company Shea Radiance. Based in Columbia, the brand specializes in luxe, eco-friendly products, and has partnered with eight Nigerian communities to harvest and produce the shea butter that serves as the basis for the products.
The spa line includes a baobab oil, ivory palm seed sugar scrub, shea-and-baobab antioxidant cream, and a whipped shea butter with kalahari melon seed oil. The latter two are our faves, because they manage to zap dry spots without leaving us feeling greasy or sticky.
The antioxidant cream disappears into the skin instantly, leaving behind soft, smooth skin with a light, refreshingly earthy scent. We'll definitely slather this on come summer, should we be unlucky enough to get a sunburn.
The whipped shea butter is deliciously fluffy in the jar, and has a thicker, more substantial feel on the skin — it's ideal for dry knees, elbows, feet, and hands. The scent is darker and smokier than the melon oil would suggest, so if you like richer, more exotic fragrances, you'll dig this. One thing's for sure — we're treating ourselves to some serious shea-buttering before we slip into any spring dresses. (For your sake, as much as ours.)
Shea Radiance Shea & Baobab Antioxidant Cream, $32, and Whipped Shea Butter, $34, available at Shea Radiance and area Whole Foods Market stores. See more locations here.

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