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How To Master Your Push-Up: 60 Seconds To Fit

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Did you set a resolution to move even more in the new year? Or, are you just looking to kick off a new fitness routine? Our video series, 60 Seconds To Fit, is here to help. Each one-minute clip breaks down a different exercise, showing you how to do it with perfect form. “In the beginning, you might perform the moves at a slower pace and for a shorter duration than you expected, and that’s okay,” explains celebrity trainer Suzanne Bowen. “Having good form means you’ll work the correct muscles — and help prevent injuries. It’s about cultivating strength and control,” she says.
We’re all familiar with this arm-toning move, but many of us don’t do it correctly. One of the most common mistakes? Letting your elbows flare out. This not only makes the move less effective; it can also put strain on your joints. Instead, make sure you keep your elbows close to your torso. And, don't let your head drop or your back sag — you want to keep your body in a strong, straight line.
For beginners: Start by doing the move on your knees. Aim to do 5-8 push-ups, rest, and repeat. If the push-ups feel too challenging, don’t lower your chest all the way to the floor; you can increase your range of motion as you get stronger.
To make it more challenging, come up onto the balls of your feet. Aim to do 10-15 push-ups. Rest and repeat.

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You don't have to always workout longer to see better results. Mastering these fitness moves will help you reach your fitness goals.

How To Do A Push Up, Video, Best Exercise MethodReleased on January 13, 2015