Win $5,000 To Barneys New York & Discover The Perfect Wish-List Maker

When it comes to holiday festivities, nothing compares to celebrating with family. Grandma Alice's creamed spinach puts Peter Luger's to shame, and no one can rock a jello mold like your Aunt Lynn, but in terms of anything wrapped in paper with a bow on top? Well, your loved ones could use some major help in the present-purchasing department.
You're no longer the girl who wears stretchy T-shirts and occasionally rocks a pair of studded jeans, but how could they know the difference? In the nature of seasonal giving, we've devised a way to throw 'em a bone — and help you take a chance at raking in massive amounts of dough — all at the same, super-convenient time.
Along with our fashionable friends over at Lyst, we're giving away a $5,000 shopping spree to Barneys New York, the shopable wonderland of all things dreamy and designer. Whether you blow it all on a pile of 3.1 Phillip Lim bags or a closet full of Chloé boots is up to you. All you have to do to enter is sign up for emails from us (hey, hey!) and join Lyst's social shopping site — a blessing in disguise, since it's also your fail-safe way to ensure you won't be stuck returning sweaters to Hollister on December 26.
With user-curated collections, sale alerts, and the best of the web in one place, Lyst's photo feeds make present purchasing as easy as pumpkin pie, even if the print is too small for your great-aunt to read. Just add whatever you love to your Lyst, forward the link along, and boom! A one-stop shop to avoid another pair of hand-knit socks, with the added possibility of winning $5,000 bones.
Enter to win the R29 and Lyst's holiday sweeps before this chance flies by! Seeing that perfect pair of just-discounted Miu Mius under the tree has never been so easy. 
Photo: Courtesy of Lyst.

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