The Pipe Dream Cirrus

At Etsy
Beautiful smokeware shouldn’t just be a pipe dream! The Pipe Dream feels like a supple little talisman in your palm or that perfect beach stone you regret abandoning. The Pipe Dream measures 3.5” long x 2.5’ wide x 1.5” high. Made with silky smooth slip cast porcelain and detailed with 22k gold luster that is fired onto the piece, these little beauties are fully glazed on the inside for optimal cleaning and smooth smoking. Please note, every object is beautiful and unique, no two will look exactly the same. The colors will be the same as the images on the website and Instagram but the amounts of each color used varies from object to object. To clean- Using rubbing alcohol, fully submerge pipe in sealed container (such as cleaned used plastic take-out container) and soak for 30+ minutes. Gently shake after 30 minutes to help loosen debris and discard used rubbing alcohol, or save it for the next time you want to clean it, still works but smells intense! Flush hot water through mouth opening of pipe and shake some more, add some dish soap if you'd like. Keep flushing until clean. Scrub outside with an old toothbrush or sponge and dish soap for extra sparkle, if you so desire. This is the same process recommended for cleaning glass pipes.