Sex and Mischief

S&m Enchanted Heart Paddle

At Adam and Eve
Spank Your Lover Just Right With This Double-Sided Paddle! Give your lover soft & sensual love taps with the faux fur side or firm & loud smacks with the faux suede side! Heart-shaped paddle features two sides for reward & punishment Soft faux fur delivers a sweet and sensual touch Smooth faux suede provides a firm, dominating sting Paddle measures 10.25 inches long by 6.25 inches wide Made from vegan suede and vegan fur with a vegan leather handle Take your spanking games to new heights with the double-sided Enchanted Heart Paddle from the BDSM experts at Sex & Mischief! This heart-shaped paddle features soft faux fur on one side and faux suede on the other. If your sub deserves a reward, use the furry side to spank them or playfully stroke their bits. The soft faux fur feels incredibly relaxing and sensual against their skin, especially their more sensitive spots. If your sub needs to be disciplined, then you can punish them using the suede side. The faux suede delivers a loud smack and a playful sting with every swat. A few firm swings is all you need to leave them begging for forgiveness! (You can then take some of the sting out of their punishment with the furry side.) Spanking is a fun and crucial aspect of BDSM play. A good paddling excites the sensitive nerve endings in the rear and increases blood flow as well. When done properly, it can help enhance your lover’s pleasure and make sexual stimulation even more intense. Just don’t be surprised when your sub starts acting up on purpose for another quality spanking session with the Sex & Mischief Enchanted Heart Paddle!