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Eden Collection – Paradise Lost Cushion

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Embracing the maximalist movement and bringing together line drawings, intense colour, figures and foliage, ‘Garden of Eden’ is the latest collection from JOLT that invites you to bravely embrace the drama and experience paradise. ‘Too many of us walk away from interiors pieces that we love because "they don’t match" our schemes. But maximalism is all about saying "yes" to the items that make your heart sing and bringing them into your home whether they match or not. Mixing materials and styles makes for an interesting home, bringing surprising elements in that your guests might not expect.’ Barbeline Lusandu The collection includes 5 new designs printed on a variety of homeware and gifts. ‘Gates of Eden’ ‘Paradise Lost’ ‘Forbidden Fruit’ ‘Eve’ ‘Fauna’ At Designs in Mind we are we are finding ways to live life and challenge mental health stigma. We create high quality ambitious and experimental art & design work and support each other to make independent ambition a reality. We are a working studio, where adults living with mental health challenges join the studio as a member of the team, making and designing commissioned artwork and products for retail. We teach the skills needed to participate- textiles, glass, ceramics, recycled materials, wood, wire and most importantly everyone learns to work within a group. Each project enables different people to take the lead. Not everyone always has the confidence to make decisions and work independently. We break tasks down – so on a bad day when making decisions seems impossible makers can help with backup tasks. A strong network of friends and a peer group is established. Members are creatively challenged and work with purpose, building their self-worth and discovering new aspirations for the future.