Crochet Needle

Packaging: you will receive 3 packaged plastic handle crochet hooks, total length 16cm, handle length 10cm, crochet length 6cm, suitable size is easy to hold and use Material: the handle is made of high-quality plastic, colorful and durable, not easy to break, the metal hook is made of stainless steel, will not rust, and the workmanship is meticulous and has no burrs Comfortable to hold: the handle of our hair curling wand is 1.5cm in diameter. The thicker handle is easier to hold and it will not be tired after long-term use, making it easier to weave braids Easy to use: when you are braiding your hair, leave a part of the gap at the root of your hair, so that when you braid the wig, you can easily fix it without messing up the original hairstyle. Just pass the metal hook through the root of the hair and use the hook to hook the wig into the real hair Application: whether you are a beginner or an experienced person, you can use this crochet well. You can use this hook to knit braids, join wigs, attach feathers and braid beads to the braids, etc. to make your hairstyle more special