Br2 Ergonomic Headrest Travel Pillow

At The Grommet
Maker bullbird had a goal to engineer a product that would make travel more comfortable. The BR2 Ergonomic Headrest Travel Pillow is a pillow redesigned for the modern traveler. Just lace the memory foam pillow on your neck and lie back against a headrest. The force of your neck against the BR2 and the BR2 against the headrest keeps everything in place. Ergonomically designed to promote better posture and correct alignment. Depending on your preference, the travel pillow can be positioned in two different ways. By placing the + side up, you're positioned more upright. For a more reclined position, place the + side down. While bullbird can't make the security lines shorter or get you to your destination faster, they can provide you with a more comfortable travel experience with the BR2 Ergonomic Headrest Travel Pillow.