Royal Watchers, Rejoice: Prince Harry Is Coming To Washington

Yep, you heard right — the scruffiest (and arguably most handsome) member of the Windsor clan is making his way to the DMV. And he'll be here for an entire weekend, which means three solid days of run-in opportunities. The flame-haired prince will be in town May 5 through 7 to accept the Atlantic Council's 2012 Award for Distinguished Humanitarian Leadership (and to remind us plebians that he really is the whole package).
He'll also attend a party at the British ambassador's residence to meet with veterans — and if his recent forays on American soil are any indication, the wild-child royal will likely hit the nightlife scene afterward. So, if you're plotting a royal stakeout, know that Harry often abides by the old adage "Go big or go home," so consider loitering around the swankiest K Street spots to catch a glimpse. Hey, if there were ever a good excuse for being hungover at work, we think "I was waiting for my prince to arrive" is a pretty good one. (People)
Photo: Via People

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