Summer DIY Obsession: The Easiest Decor Upgrade We've Ever Seen

We're the first to admit that what started out as a mere attraction to spring's bold hues has now morphed into a full-blown summer love affair. It takes all of our willpower not to linger in front of shop windows to gaze at rainbow-bright confections — even though our closets are at capacity with color.
Luckily, this handy DIY project from local blog Ashley In DC lets us get our color-coordinated fix without a) investing in new hangers or b) dropping tons of cash we'd rather be saving for that next vacay.
All you need are a few glass bottles or vases, a couple coats of paint, and voila! You've got a set of decor elements so chic, you could have picked them up at Anthro. We’re tempted to make a bounty of them for holding flowers, storing makeup brushes, and stashing pens and pencils. Just click through for the ultra-simple how-to, and remember our motto: You can never have too much color or be too crafty. (Ashley In DC)
Photo: Courtesy of Ashley In DC

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