Hot Ticket: You Could Party With The Obamas...At SJP's House

We don't know the POTUS personally or anything, but from everything we've read, it seems like he's a pretty fun guy. We certainly wouldn't turn down the opportunity to raise a glass of bubbly with him (or Mrs. O), that's for sure.
If you feel the same way, and also happen to be feeling spend-y, you might just get that chance for yourself: The White House is holding a contest they're calling "A New York Night," in which one lucky supporter will win a trip to NYC to attend a campaign party. To top it off, the party will be hosted by none other than Sarah Jessica Parker, at her home — a true Big Apple soiree. We wouldn't be surprised if a whole host of A-listers showed up to toast the man of the hour. To potentially score the invite, you have to donate to the Obama campaign here; soon, you could be on your way to the ultimate celebrity soiree. And, if you're lucky, the prez might entertain the crowd with another slow jam performance.
Photo: Courtesy of the White House

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