Little Women: Odin Branches Out With a New Shop Just for Girls

Guys might often get the short end of the retail stick, but not so much since Odin opened up shop way back when in the East Village, courtesy of partners Eddy Chai and Paul Birardi. The diminutive store, along with its more innovative extension Den, which houses continuous rotating pop-up shops for individual hand-picked designers, identified the duo for their fine eye in emerging fashion. Now, Chai and Birardi are building out further, breaking ground today on their first shop just for the ladies. Called Pas de Deux, the petite boutique will be right next door to Odin and offer the femme yin to its brother shop's yang. Fave R29 designers like Alexander Wang and Rag & Bone are on the menu here, among other downtown greats, but here are some shots of the shop hot off the press. Très cute, non?

Pas des Duex is located next to Odin at 330 East 11th Street, 212-475-0079;

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