Shops We Love: Jack Henry

Despite being in close proximity to a plethora of chic boutiques, owner Tia Browsh has managed to set her space apart by staying ahead of trends and offering her customers distinctive pieces that transcend the L.A. norm. With a staff comprised of stylists and designers, shoppers are given the opportunity to "come up with creations through experimentation and alterations of things already existing in the store," says Tia. "In my opinion, that's the coolest kind of service you can get."
Gorgeous thick wood shelves display antique items like an old typewriter, a doctor's bag, an accordion, and a microscope, while vintage trunks and luggage stacked on the concrete floor add an old-world mood to the space. The exterior of the store is an inspired creation with an orange facade, a sculptural arrangement of vintage window and picture frames, and a modest Jack Henry sign encased in a distressed wood frame. What started as an appointment-only shop (think champagne and pizza while you peruse), has evolved into a more traditional 12 to 5 store with the same devotion to customers that came with the "by appointment" status. The store represents Tia's own personal style with what she describes as a "vintage punk feel." Choosing structured silhouettes with an edge, she stocks distinctive designers like Aurelio Costarella, Bora Aksu, Claire La Faye, Foundation Addict, Foundfles, Frank Tropiano, Kevin Johnn, Future Classics, Kit Pistol, Laura Dawson, and Illguarini. "It's eclectic, but I suppose in the end it's a bit of an homage to Vivienne Westwood," says Tia.
Jack Henry, 141 South Kings Road, Los Angeles, CA 90048, 323-655-6050,

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